Website Design, Programming and Management

We are a Wisconsin based professional Web Design, Web Application Development, Website Management and Web Hosting company offering comprehensive web services to small and mid-sized companies throughout the United States. We offer custom solutions for Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Shopping Carts, SEO/Search Engine Marketing as well as providing ongoing Consultation and Guidance. All these services can be tailored to fit your business or organizational needs. We establish long-term relationships and apply our 15+ years of internet and programming experience to your business to make the most of your website.

Accepting New Clients

Rivien Media LLC is currently accepting new clients for Website Design, Website Development, and Website Management. If you are willing to work together via telecommuting we are able to provide web design, web development and website maintenance to any place on the globe.

Web Development Services

Building and managing websites are the core of our business. It’s what we do all day every day. We focus on producing highly functional, professional websites, that provide your visitors with a positive experience, and can grow with your company. Our preferred development environment is ASP.NET & MSSQL however we can work with just about any common language or content management system. Experience matters in every stage of a website, from the conceptual planning and design, to the copywriting and programming, database design, and on through the ongoing management and growth. Our technical background gives us the tools and skills to build a website with as much functionality as you need.

Some of our website services include:

  • Complete Website Design & Development
  • Web programming in HTML, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, MSSQL, CSS, XML, JavaScript
  • Static and Dynamic Database driven sites & web applications
  • Website Management & Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization

Website Design

We specialize in custom website design and programming for small to mid-sized companies to meet the needs of your business and website’s visitors. Our focus is on designing highly functional, search engine friendly websites, that provide your visitors with a positive experience. We will learn about your business and design a professional looking website that stands above your competitors giving you an edge. A quality and up to date website design will strengthen the overall image of your business and show your customers and clients that you are a business they want to deal with.

The internet and the way we use it is rapidly changing and expanding. A professional website is essential to the success of most businesses, but users are demanding a more real-time and interactive experience now. We’ll help you sort through it all and show you how you can use the available tools to improve your business.

Let our web designers build the site so you can easily update your website yourself, preventing delays and extra costs, while helping you keep the most current information out there!

Websites will be quoted as a complete project price. There are many details involved with the entire website development process and they vary project by project. Once we discuss the project with you we will do a detailed breakdown on the estimated time involved to design and build your website and provide a price based on that amount.

Contact us to review your project.

Website Management

Your website is increasingly the first impression potential customers have of your company. In fact, nearly 85% of customers report that their first point of contact with a company/organization is through the web. When you need a change made to your website, whether it’s a simple text edit, creating some graphics, or developing out a new complex part of the site, put your website in the trusted hands of our webmaster professionals.

We provide adaption, changes and maintenance to keep your website current, fix any unforeseen problems, add any updates needed and continue to improve your internet presence and search rankings. Outsourcing your website management to our skilled virtual webmasters offers you much more for your money and allows you to concentrate on your core business activities. We deliver an unmatched level of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to our clients. Whether your website requires an occasional update or ongoing daily maintenance, we’ve got a solution to keep your website fresh, up-to-date, and accurate.

We offer both “Hourly Pay-As-You-Go” and “Monthly Retainer” plans to help cover all of your Urgent (emergency) and Regular (non-emergency) website maintenance needs. Our flexible cost-effective and convenient website management plans are tailored to fit your updating needs, coverage periods, and budget so you only pay for what you need.

With our website management plans, updating your site is as easy as a simple email and most changes are completed within 24 hours. Updating times can be scheduled to ensure the least amount of inconvenience for your customers. If you’re not sure about the issue or can’t explain your needs, let us take a look and we can often provide you with high quality recommendations within minutes.

Contact us to move your website management and maintenance needs into the hands of our affordable and experienced webmasters.

Website Programming, Coding and Development

Our website development and programming focus on coding websites, website applications, and customizing and integrating existing applications. We work mostly with HTML, PHP, ASP.NET, CSS, MySQL, MSSQL, JavaScript, Web Application Integration, and Dynamic Content, Forms. Our sites are built with clean efficient code, structured with CSS, no table based layouts, SEO best practices, and cross browser friendly.

All websites we build use up to date coding methods. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used for styles and structural layout. CSS is easier to maintain and more efficient code. Additionally sites built using CSS for its structure work better on mobile device browsers (cell phones), and the search engines can index the site better as it’s not cluttered up with cumbersome table code.

There’s very little that can’t be done with ASP.NET and MSSQL. It is our preferred platform for building websites and website applications. Even a basic website should be coded using a dynamic programming language such as PHP or ASP. These languages are incredibly more flexible than a static language like HTML. A dynamic server side language like PHP or ASP allows a webpage to use a database for dynamic content, allows coding that can control what is displayed, use global include files for common page elements.

Contact us to review your project.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your website achieving the results you want in search engines? We’ll explain how these search engines work, and advise you on steps you can take to increase your web presence and search engine ranking. We’ll go through each page of your site and focus on specific targeted keywords and keyphrases and optimize the code and content in efforts to increase your rank.

Our SEO services begin with identifying your target audience for each specific page, product or service you offer and constructing a list of the best targeted keywords and phrases that you audience will search for. With this information we will perform an audit on where you currently rank for different searches to pinpoint strengths & weaknesses. We will then go through your site page by page and implement ethical SEO methods to optimize the code and content on each page for search engine indexing & readability.

Once the site itself is optimized for search engines we will manually check & submit your site to the important directories and business listings as well as identify industry specific sites and directories that may be worth advertising with.

External link building is an important part of achieving success in the search engines. We do not recommend or use unethical methods or link farms to get links to your site. Those will eventually hurt you or become irrelevant. Instead we identify online marketing strategies to implement into your business processes that will generate large numbers of high quality incoming links to your site and also increase your companies image. You may already be doing many of these tasks as part of your business and if so we’ll show you how you can turn that into increased website traffic.

SEO is very important and should be considered as an operating cost of a website. A serious online marketing strategy will require a significant budget and time, but should pay for itself and then some with the added business you will generate. There is plenty that can be done on a small budget to help so it doesn’t have to require a big business budget to work for you.

We use White Hat SEO methods to increase website traffic and improve your search engine rankings.

Contact us to discuss your SEO needs.

Custom Web-Based Database Applications and Database Driven Dynamic Web Pages

The use of a backend database, MySQL, MSSQL, or MS Access, can be a very useful tool. Many websites use a database to store data and to populate the content on a page dynamically from the database. Fairly complex applications can be developed using a relational database to run queries, generate reports, manage customer or retailer data, and just about anything you can imagine.

A database is simply a way to store and organize data. It can be as simple as collecting and storing an email address for a mailing list or a complex customer management system using multiple tables and relational data.

Building a database application to perform a function often reduces the manual labor in performing that task in the future. It can automate many processes that may be time consuming and unreliable to do manually. It requires additional development costs initially, but should provide a fast R.O.I. with time savings. In many cases it’s really the only solution available for the desired functionality.

The possibilities are really endless with what can be done. Here are a few examples on how a database can be helpful in a website.

1. Restrict Access: If your website needs a restricted area protected by a password and individual user accounts then you need a database to handle this.

2. Mailing List: A mailing list signup form is placed on your website. When that is submitted the email address is stored as a record in a table within the backend database. Now you have a list building automatically. No need to manually enter all of these into a spreadsheet. We can build an administration page so you can view and edit the list.

Contact us to discuss database driven web pages.

Tools We Use

To accommodate different customer web deployment environments we use various tools and applications to perform our work on your project and may include Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe PhotoShop, eclipse EE, eGit, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, mySQL, Native Control Panels, NetBeans IDE, and WordPress.

Other Services

Software Development Outsourcing Engagement Models

With us you can select the most convenient outsourcing model for your project and business needs. No matter if you have a small, medium or large budget, we can set up various types of Engagement Models on a Revenue-Share Partnership basis, Fixed-Price Project basis or you can simply buy developer hours on a Time & Material basis. With any of the models, you are guaranteed to receive high quality development services with competitive rates.

  • Revenue Share Partnerships – If you have no budget, and you are relying entirely on a revenue-sharing agreement, you may have a difficult time finding an experienced development team that would accept your software development project. After reviewing your applications business opportunity, we would make the decision to engage with developing your project. If we choose to go ahead with your software development project, a competitive revenue sharing program for the right compensation model will be created.
  • Fixed Price Projects – In the fixed price model, our software engineers quote the project and we commit to fixed-price, fixed deadlines and fixed scope of work. This model is suited for projects with well-defined requirements. But even if you do not have a specification, you can hire us to elaborate on your requirements. As an outcome of the Elaboration phase, you will obtain a fixed-price quote for development and receive a full-scale Technical Proposal.
  • Developer Hours on Time & Materials Basis – This model is well-suited for those who do not have well-defined requirements, need research work, or want ongoing software enhancements.

Software Delivery Models and Development Processes

We offer our customers two software development models: Remote Software Development and Combined On-Site/ Remote Development with local project management. The combined on-site/ remote development model is normally used to handle complex projects where on-site communication with the customer and gathering project requirements are critical for project success. Our development processes within both models ensure that our customers have full project transparency, control over the production process, and predictable deliverables at each project phase. Our experts will assist you in determining the delivery model that best suits your unique business requirements. We offer you flexible price/project plans to suit your individual needs and capabilities.

Project Planning

Each step of the software development has its project plan (in Microsoft Project format); the master project plan contains all current and planned tasks and assignments of team members.

Quality Assurance

Quality control activities are performed continually throughout all project phases to verify that project management and project deliverables are of the highest quality. The quality of our services and delivered software solutions is always a top priority for us. Our focus on quality demands we meet our customer’s business objectives over a long period of time. To comply with our software quality standards we use methods established through a range of successful projects for both large and small companies. Our acquired intelligence is shared with the entire programming team.

User Interface Design Services

A quality Graphical User Interface provides an efficient work experience. A pleasant graphical tone enhances the user interface and creates a positive first experience for potential buyers. Our focus on clean, professional, standardized screen graphics combines user comfort with flexible data entry. Our GUI designs follow standard interactivity models for consistent data gathering in both desktop and web applications. We develop early GUI designs for our customers to promote feedback and design enhancements early in the development phase. Early availability of the user interface helps clarify user needs and improve requirements gathering in a cost-effective way.

Software Design That Meets Your Objectives

Our developers provide cost effective solutions to strict requirements. Our software designs are based on current business needs and expected growth requirements. This detailed analysis allows us to suggest the ideal deployment platform and consistent software architecture. As a result, you receive the best return on investment for current architecture and a lower cost for future extension and system support.

Software Support And Maintenance Service

After an application is developed, it becomes an essential part of a client’s business. It is vital that the software system be efficiently maintained and problems quickly resolved. The applications must remain functional and ready to address new opportunities and business needs. Software support includes development resource availability and user support. Minimizing software down-time is the main purpose of software maintenance procedures.