Entrepreneurs Business Documents Package

Product ID: 200176

Product Name: Entrepreneurs Complete Business Documents Package

Where can a company or an individual locate a variety of quality business document templates already populated with sample data from several real world companies at an affordable price? A package consisting of multiple examples covering profit & loss budgets, business plans, non-disclosure agreements, request for proposals, response to proposals, contract for services, business cards, expense reports and other agreements?

We have exactly what you’re looking for in our Entrepreneurs Business Documents Package with 40 professional documents listed below. Our documents are taken from organizations no longer in operation or written by us, allowing you to freely reuse them in any way, form or fashion with regard to copyright and content. Simply replace the document ownership marks we provided in the samples with your new company information.

  • Budgets (6)
  • Business Cards (2)
  • Business Plans (3)
  • Contract for Services (7)
  • Expense Reports (3)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (7)
  • Request For Proposals (4)
  • Response To Proposals (5)
  • Master Service Agreement (1)
  • Professional Service Agreement (1)
  • Software License Agreement (1)


Our document library is delivered as an archive file from a download link provided following your purchase. The library is approximately 9.8 MB in size. You will require a computer connected to the Internet and compatible with the following statements:

  1. Budget and expense report documents are saved using Microsoft Excel 2007 (xlsx).
  2. Document files are saved using Microsoft Word 2007 (docx).
  3. Presentation files are saved using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (pptx).
  4. Microsoft Windows XP and later operating systems can read the our library file directly requiring no unzip application.
  5. Microsoft Windows XP or later operating system running Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 office software or other operating systems & application softwares capable of dynamically converting our files formats to compatible files.

If you have questions regarding documents within the library or if you would like to request documents not listed in our library please contact Mark Ross directly at 608-721-1024 or use our contact request form.

View Slideshow and Embedded Document Samples

Figure 1 is a slideshow of the business documents library you receive in the package. Click on a number at the left to view that slide. Figures 2 through 5 show sample pages from selected documents in the library.

Notice: The embedded document control may not appear on mobile or tablet devices due to Adobe Flash Player not being supported, and we recommend previewing this webpage from a desktop or laptop instead.

Figure 1 – Entrepreneurs Business Documents Package Slideshow
Figure 2 – Request For Proposal Document Sample
Figure 3 – Response To Proposal Document Sample
Figure 4 – Profit and Loss Spreadsheet Sample
Figure 5 – Non-Disclosure Agreement Document Sample