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Product Name: Patent Application Template Document, USPTO #60/596243

Writing patent applications from scratch without a good example can be a very difficult task. We have an item that may be of assistance,e.g., a copy of an actual patent application document successfully filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (attaining a patent pending status under number 60-596243). Our proprietor was the original author of the document and the inventor of the system described. The patent is no longer being pursued because the company closed in 2005.

You can purchase the 28 page document in Microsoft Word file format and use as a guide to assist writing your own patent applications for your business or personal interests. If you’re a start-up and/or entrepreneur seeking an affordable alternative to paying the upfront expense of hiring an attorney to draft your patent application, consider writing the drafts yourself using our example document.

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United States Patent Application: 60/596243 – System and Method for Delivery of Dynamically Encoded Text-To-Speech Weather Messages as Voice Phone Calls

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Sample weather messages produced by this system (click on a link to hear the message:

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Abstract: A system is provided for delivering text-to-speech dynamically encoded weather messages as voice telephone calls. The system includes a weather message collection processor, an outbound message processor, an inbound message processor, a subscriber profile management processor, and one or more text-to-speech/IVR-enabled call centers. Delivered voice messages contain the complete weather message received, plus system-constructed headers that identify weather type, covered area(s), issuing source and location name, issue time and expire time.  The system issues warning messages for both land and marine weather. The system includes a comprehensive, continually updated weather message database that subscribers can call to retrieve current conditions, forecasts, watches, advisories and warnings for all U.S. locations and all U.S. coastal marine zones and buoys. Retrieved messages are delivered as voice calls. The retrieval system can interrogate large, multi-zone land and marine areas for advisories and warnings.  The inquiry system provides subscriber-specific menus and is optimized for telephone numeric keypad entry of land locations, marine zones, and marine buoys. The system includes management of subscriber profiles that specify target phone number(s), locations of interest, weather types of interest, do-not-call periods, and the enabling and disabling of outbound notification messages. The system permits subscriber profiles to be managed from web browsers via the Internet and through telephone keypad entries.

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